As everyone knows a company is only as good as the team that is involved in the day-to-day running. The Ambassador Wellness Center is blessed with an amazing staff dedicated to support you in your efforts.
A.C.E. Certified Heath Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist,

        - Certified in Adult Weight Management,

        - Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist,

        - Diabetes Educator
Licensed Massage Therapist;

        - Sports Massage, Nero Muscular Therapy,   

           Fertility Enhancement, & Aromatherapy.
Group Fitness Instructors, Front Desk Staff, and Volunteer Childwatch staff.  

Indoor Swimming Pool ​              Basketball / Volleyball                  30+ Group Fitness Classes 

Indoor Walking/Jogging Track      Racquetball / Wallyball                            Morning Mix-Up

Full Body Strength Circuit         Women's Only Workout Room         Water Aerobics      Zumba

​Weight Room                               Men's /Women's Locker Rooms          Cardio / Strength Circuit  

7 Stack Jungle Gym                     Sauna's in each Locker Room         Stretch & Flex      Chair Yoga

​Cardio Equipment                        Child-Watch                                     Body Pump            Spinning

Senior Fitness Classes                Kids Fitness Classes                       Yoga                       Boot Camp


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All across the country, people are struggling with their health. They’re struggling with obstacles that have kept them from eating better, moving more and making their health a priority. They’re struggling to adopt the lifestyles they need to fend off preventable disease, live longer and spend less on health care. They are living in a vicious cycle of temporary change fueled by quick-fix solutions, and as a result, many of their achievements are short lived. A Recent CDC report states that over 70% of Americans are either overweight or Obese!  Well,  it is time to change!


Helping you get started & support to keep you going


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