Nebraska City's Premier Health & Fitness Center


From beginners to elite, this program will build muscle, burn calories, & focus on success! 

       Effort over Excuses 
      Movement over Image
​      Habit over Quick-Fixes​

If you can master the concept behind these, the rest will take care of itself   

​​​​​​-------- Small Group Training --------

"My workouts will challenge you past what you think your limitations are!"  


AGE? ABILITY? FITNESS LEVEL? These are no longer Excuses! ​​

The Ambassador Wellness Center's Human Metabolic Circuit  (HMC) program combines performance-driven fitness along with "old school" methods to provide you a unique workout experience.  Using a variety of equipment and types of training you will never get bored.  Combine all this with a group of people just like you and friendly/passionate trainers, this program is like no other in Nebraska City.